Journal Camp 4

I’m Loving Journal Camp!!  I’m really stepping outside of my comfort zone, and Loving what I create!!!!  This weeks  challenge is to create a layout with or about me in it.  So I used a letter type journaling to create a letter for my daughter.  I LOVE LOVE how it turned out!!!

Week 4 Journal Camp

This is what it reads:

To my Daughter

I’m so proud to be your mom. For the moment I knew I was pregnant I LOVED you! You are the light in my life. I worry for you, I cry for you and I love you! Your life will not be easy but you will shine in it. You will touch people, you will teach people and you will love people. You will always have to work harder than most but your hard work will show! This Scrap Book page is a letter to YOU, so you know how special you are to me.

Chawndell I LOVE you with all my heart!


Credits for this layout are: Scraps of Ellay Butterflies are Free

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  1. Awesome! Beautiful letter to your daughter!