Journal Camp Week 5

Grab a Drink and a Treat this is LONG post. 

OK so this was way hard!!!  I love love how my layout turned out, but it is a 5 pager.  :o)  This week was all about making a layout without pictures and journaling so you can picture the story without the pictures.  I made a 5 pager and I cheated a little.  I figured my journaling was so long I added a picture at the very end of the journaling.  

WOW I hope you all can understand this post, I have a head cold, it is the first day of Summer Vacation and I’m wondering what the HECK I was thinking about taking a summer job at a Boy Scout Camp, so I’m sorry I just keep Rambling.

Here is my layouts :0) I also included my journaling but PLEASE PLEASE ignore my grammar and spelling!!!!!!! 

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Credits:  Nibbles Skribbles  Summer Nights!  (I LOVE this Kit) you can grab it HERE

(FYI our baby before Chawndell was born passed away so we were so happy to have a healthy baby)

From the day you were born you were a miracle to mom and dad. With 1 to 4 odds that you would be healthy, we were the happiest parents alive. You came into our world at 6:19 am in Ogden UT. You were a cute, tiny, chubby bundle of JOY!! Weighing in at 7lbs and 1 oz and 17 inches long, you made our dreams come true. It was amazing to hear you cry, to see you move and to hold you, knowing you would be with us here on earth. We took you home to Brigham City and sleep though the first night home, it scared the heck out of us, We woke up looked in the bed at you and you were sound asleep, so peaceful and content. As you grew and changed the first 6 months we thought all was well, you did have a few ear infections and had to have tubes, but we knew this was common. You passed your milestones till you were around 9 months old, than it kind of changed, you were not sitting on your own, and you were not crawling, but we were assured all was OK, the Doctor said, “Mom put her down and encourage her to sit and crawl” I did not want to let you go, maybe deep down in my heart I was scared you would die like your older brother Tristan. On your first Birthday we had a HUGE party all the family was there and you were so happy to be the center of all the attention. Your Birthday was a huge day for Mom, it was the day you started to crawl. Papa RU RU bought you a toy box and you wanted to see what was inside and there you went you crawled over to it and pulled yourself up and looked inside. We were so happy. Around 18 months old you finally started to walk, really wobbly but you were doing it. I thought at the time boy are we lucky our little one is content to sit and look around, you were not a climber, or a runner, just a content happy little girl. At age 2 (or so) we, Daddy and I were at Dad’s doctor and he (the doc.) said “hay it is not my place to say, but I think something is wrong with your daughter” I was so happy someone said what I was very worried about, you were not talking. He recommended a new Doctor, Dr. Lloyd and off we went to see him. You were very delayed in Speech and in Motor Development in your fine a gross motor skills. We got set up with early intervention and they came once a week to do Speech Therapy, than when you were 3 you started developmental delay Preschool at Bear River Elementary. Then we finally got some type of diagnose on what might be why you have your delay, Speech Apraxia. So we started lots and lots of speech therapy and mouth exercise. You also had some signs of a genetic disorder; Flat finger nails, wide nose, tiny eyes and your fine and large motor skill were very low. So at this point we had a second round of Genetics testing at Primary Children’s Hospital. Doctor Lloyd Carey ran all the tests and they all came back normal. YEA!! But weird. Around the same time as all of this you got your first pair of glasses and were finally potty trained at 3 ½. You are such a amazing little girl, everyone who meets you loves you and you know how to touch everyone’s hearts. You were thriving in Preschool but your speech was still not coming along. You ended up spending 3 years in preschool and started Kindergarten when you were 6 and you were so cute, just a tiny little thing with blond hair and glasses, It was hard to have you in a “normal” class with “normal” kids. Mom was always in the class helping and making sure everyone was nice and you were happy and healthy. We decided it was time to have MRI and EKG to make sure your brain was OK, this test also came out Normal. We were happy, but so annoyed as to way you are having such a hard time talking. You were in resource and speech so you went to school 3/4th of the day, a little longer than the other kindergartners. You continual to amaze mom and dad with your abilities to touch peoples life’s, you were so happy almost like it was everyone else’s problem, as to why we could not understand you and not something wrong with you. You would do the funniest things and you were your daddy’s best friend. We kept you in main stream elementary school Intel you were in the 3rd grade than we moved you to a different class room, one that had special stuff to meet special needs. At this time we found out you had a very low IQ and you were at least 3 years behind your peers in school and at least 5 years behind in your speech. The school says you are intellectually disabled. I cried and cried. This was very hard news to take. As parents we do not want to hear what our children cannot do, but what they can do. Our focus with you was to reinforce what you were learning in school and have fun with at the same time. One thing you were good at was having fun. You have always been the biggest tease; you love to horseplay with Dad, Papa, and your uncles. You always meet your outside milestones and mom always wondered why you never meet your inside milestones. Sometime you would get so mad because we could not figure out what you would try to say, or what you wanted. But you are the best at learning signs, and making up your own signs, or gestures. It was always fun to see what you would come up with. This new school was good at meeting your needs for IEP’s but not very good at meeting your social needs, that I felt you needed. I was so happy to hear about a new classroom, back in Bear River opening. You went to that “new” school in the 4th grade, but before school started you broke your elbow at grandma’s house while riding your horse. So a new school a broken arm and new friends. This was a great combination, because you have met some great people who love you and love to help you. Well now you are in middle school, things are about the same, you can talk lots better but it is still hard to understand you, you still are very low in your school work. You participate in Special Olympics and Mom and Dad coach, this maybe the reason God has sent us to be together, to touch and change life’s of special needs people. With your help we understand and love more than I ever thought possible. You are simply amazing, you LOVE people, you LOVE to help and you have lots of great friends. You are a great teacher of patients of Love and Gratitude. Chawndell, I LOVE you! I’m very lucky to have you as my daughter.


  1. Fantastic job! You really did paint wonderful pictures with words! The pages look great and I really couldn't stop reading them! (And yes, a photo on the FIFTH page is totally okay!)

    I agree the kit is gorgeous. I'll be playing with that one tonight!

  2. Noelle, your story touched my heart so profoundly!! I love all my students but it's the ones like your daughter who teach me much more than I ever teach them. They show compassion to all even those that don't seem to deserve it at times. They greet life with enthusiasm even when it's tough. I think God gave us the blessing when He brought these children into our lives.

    Your journaling is absolutely the best I've seen. Thank you for sharing your story! Love ya girl!!

  3. What a beautiful story, Noelle. Your little girl sounds absolutely precious. I have a "special" daughter too, so I know the joys and blessings that these children bring to all of us. God bless.
    Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Thanks a lot, Noelle, now I'm sitting here at work bawling!! I've heard bits and pieces from you about Chawndelle, but now hearing her whole story, i adore her that much more - and you for being the very special mommy she needs! Thanks for sharing this heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Chawndelle, your precious natural girl!

  5. This is some of the most beautiful journaling I've ever seen. Beautiful and precious daughter and lovely layout for her.